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Finger Guards by Guidelines4Quilting

Finger Guards by Guidelines4Quilting

Price: $13.46 -- Save 10% --- Reg. $14.95

Protect your fingers while cutting with your acrylic rulers.

Finger Guards by Guidelines4Quilting

  • Repositionable. Removable.
    Three suction cups firmly attach to rulers.
  • Made of Polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable and un-nickable.
  • Made in the USA

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Note: The Finger Guards are designed to work with any regular acrylic rulers,
such as Omnigrid, Olfa, Creative Grids, etc.

Finger Guards for Quilters by Guidelines4Quilting

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Finger Guards for quilting by Guidelines4Quilting

Tips: Make sure that the surface of your ruler is clean.
Moisten the suction cups with a damp cloth before attaching.

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